• Comes with at least 3 APM Sticker #SEASON1 stickers (while stocks last)
    • Shipped in APM #SEASON1 limited box
    • Delivered either by local pickup or shipping, either way both with love!
    • Yes these headbands are pricey as they are all limited drops! Check them out at

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The White/Gold is gold and is decorated with the Hormesis signature pattern. Each band comes with various color stitching and Hormesis tag (not selectable).The embroidered symbol signifies that this headband is part of the corresponding set. Each headband is handmade of the finest natural fabric, hand dyed and crafted with care. Hormesis headbands are designed to wear in and season as you gain experience.

Each headband comes carefully packaged in a reusable box complete with enamel pin.


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