CS2 Mech Frame CamSwap™ Trigger Kit



  • Comes with APM #SEASON Sticker pack.
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Introducing the all new CS2 Mech Frame CamSwap™ Kit

The CamSwap™ kit is a quick drop in item that installs in only a few minutes. (Installation video below).  It’s a performance upgrade for your marker regulator that improves the snappy feel of the trigger, leading to  better ball on ball accuracy. By changing the cams you can alter the overall feel of the trigger.


*Tools needed Allen keys in: 1/16th, 5/64th, 1/8th

**Watch the below video for a simple step by step install.

***We recommend using the “performance red cam” for our favorite snappy feel but we have also included a purple cam with a disclaimer. The purple cam is a high performance option with very tight tolerances that works with *most* CS2s. Feel free to try and see if you like this one better.

What markers will this fit?

This is for the CS2 Mech Frame

CamSwap Trigger Kit Install Video:


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